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Construction Junction promotes conservation through the reuse of building materials.
Pittsburgh’s first non-profit building material reuse retailer.

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Follow these steps—it's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1:
Are your items on our list of good stuff?

Click the links below to check what's accepted.
Used and New: Appliances   Building Materials   Cabinets  Countertops   Doors  
Flooring   Glass and Mirrors   Hardware   Interior Items/Furniture   Lights  
Masonry   Office Items   Plumbing   Windows/Shutters

Only if new: Carpet, Vinyl flooring   Packaged Tile (ceramic, vinyl)   Wallpaper

If the answer's 'yes', then:

 Step 2:
  How would you like to make your donation?

I have stuff to bring to CJ. I have a larger donation,
and I'd like to
ask about free pickup.

I need CJ to salvage
stuff from my demo
or renovation project.

Please reverse your
vehicle to the doors
beneath the large
Donate Here sign.
Ring the doorbell
and we'll help you unload.
Our regular hours are:
Mon.-Fri. 9am-6pm,
Sat. 9am-5pm &
Sun. 10am-5pm.
(Holidays, click here)

For the fastest response

to complete our online
pickup request form.
We'll contact you within 3 business days (Mon.–Fri.) to review your offered donation.

For the fastest response

to complete our online consultation request form.
We'll contact you within
3 business days (Mon.–Fri.) to discuss your project.

Step 3:
Get a donation receipt!

Whichever way you choose to make your donation, we'll give you a
donation receipt. CJ is an environmental nonprofit with a misson to promote conservation through the reuse of building materials, and donations are eligible for tax deductions
(click here for info from the IRS).


Need a little more help or information?

Contact Us - have your pickup or deconstruction already scheduled, or have more questions about what we offer?
Contact donation pickup service or Contact Deconstruction services
— we prefer email but you can call us on 412-243-5025,  Donations & Logistics ext. 11; Deconstruction/salvage ext. 31. Phones are staffed Mon-Friday during office hours.

Making a financial or stock donation: you may send us a lovely surprise in the mail, Attn: Business Manager, Construction Junction, 214 N Lexington St, Pittsburgh, PA 15208; or email Nicola for more information. And thank you!

Issues with online form submission: please call us on 412.243-5025 ext. 11, after hours please email.

All kinds of details on What We Accept (and don't accept)—click here.

Hours of operation, holidays, etc., please click here.

Questions about CJ—click here.

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